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Ask Chad for a Recommendation

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My Librarian - Chad

My mother instilled in me from a very young age a love of reading and a love of history.  My interest in the American Civil War also took hold at a young age as family trips to Gettysburg and other places formed some of our summer vacations.  Later on I developed interests in World War II and other areas of American and European history.  I’m not all about history though.  I like to read about the things that go bump in the night or that unidentified light that whizzed over your head or the strange footprint found on your hike in the woods.  As if that isn’t enough I enjoy reading about sports, especially the stories that blend well with history.  If any or all of this sounds good to you let me know and I can recommend some titles to you.

Chad's History Recommendations
  • Chad's History Recommendations
    • How to Hide an Empire
    • End of the Myth
    • The British Are Coming
    • The War Before the War
    • Tinderbox
    • Mothers of Massive Resistance
    • The Great War in America
    • The Darkest Year
    • The Problem of Democracy
    • Workers on Arrival
Chad's Sports Recommendations
  • Chad's Sports Recommendations
    • Jim Brown: Last Man Standing
    • Bad Boys, Bad Times
    • Big Hair and Plastic Grass
    • Elevated
    • Breaking Barriers
    • The Browns Blues
    • Tribe Reborn
    • Soccerwomen
Chad's Paranormal Recommendations
  • Chad's Paranormal Recommendations
    • America Before: The Key to Earth?s Lost Civilization
    • Confessions of the Children of Roswell
    • Paranormal America
    • The Aztec UFO Incident