Donate to Westlake Porter Public Library

In 1884, Dover Township philanthropist Leonard Porter passed away and left a will expressing the following: "For the purpose, and in the hope of founding and establishing a public or township library that may prove a lasting benefit and blessing to the people of Dover, I give and bequest to the township of Dover, for a public library the sum of one thousand dollars " In 2009 dollars this was the equivalent of almost $24,000!

In the spirit of Mr. Porter's original gift we have received, over the ensuing 125 years, many donations that have allowed us to maintain the depth and variety of materials, high level of service, and first rate facility that the citizens of Westlake have come to expect.

There are many ways to donate and ensure the library remains an important focal point of the community, a place where people can gather to become educated, empowered, enlightened, and excited! Thank you for your interest in further supporting Westlake Porter Public Library.

Westlake Porter
Public Library