Mission Statement

We commit to provide an inclusive environment that fosters learning, community growth and connection in an ever changing world.


Board of Trustees

President Annette Hazapis
Vice-President Lindsay English
Secretary Jason Nolde
  Jeff Armstrong
  Jennifer Darling
  Bob Plantz
  Elizabeth Sheehe


Meeting dates in 2018

January 17 at 6:30pm July 18 at 6:30pm
February 21 at 6:30pm
March 21 at 6:30pm September 19 at 6:30pm
April 18 at 6:30pm October 17 at 6:30pm
May 16 at 6:30pm November 28 at 6:30pm
June 20 at 6:30pm December 19 at 6:30pm



Library Board meetings fall under the "sunshine laws" of Ohio and are open to the public. Public guests are welcome at any regular Board meeting. Dates for this calendar year are provided here. 

It is highly recommended, however, that individuals considering attending a meeting call in advance to verify the date, time, and location. Occasionally, changes to the schedule are made to accommodate other library priorities. 

To verify dates and times please call the Administrative office at (440) 250-5451.

A seat on the Porter Public Library Board of Trustees will be open as of December 31, 2018.

Trustees represent the community at large and their varied library interests. The only prerequisite for applicants is that they have an interest in public library issues and wish to become a public library advocate. The Board, the policy-making body of the library, is composed of seven members who serve overlapping seven-year terms.

Those interested in applying for a position as a trustee may get an application form here, or at the reception desk, the library’s Administration Department (440) 250 5451, or by email: karen.hunt@westlakelibrary.org.

Application deadline is September 14, 2018.