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Booze to Books

According to a January 17, 1932 article in "The Cleveland Sunday News," the frame building which housed the Porter Library was originally used as a saloon.
"Way back in the (18)80's, the gay young blades of Dover thronged the building for a drink of this, that or the other. Many a night the good townsfolk were kept awake by the roisterers. Then a literary society decided to take matters in hand. The saloon was a menace that had to be dealt with drastically."

Lunar eclipse August 28

This is one lunar eclipse you won't have to stay up late for... instead, you'll probably need to get up early! You won't need a telescope to see the eclipse and moonlight is perfectly safe to view without special eye protection.

{NOTE: Click Here to see a NASA Web page with loads of information on this eclipse!}

Perseid meteor shower won't get you wet

It's in the news: This weekend the annual Perseid meteor shower peaks! What does that mean? If you like seeing "shooting stars," this is your weekend. It's a shower that won't get you wet (or pelt you with space rocks, for that matter).

Go outside after 10:00 PM at a dark location. Look up (generally towards the east) and watch. If you are sharp-eyed and have good sky conditions you could see upwards of 60 meteors per hour when the Perseid shower reaches its peak! If you watch long enough you may even be treated to a "fireball" or two -- especially brilliant meteors -- flaring as they disintegrate in Earth's upper atmosphere.

The shower reaches its peak overnight Sunday, August 12 and into the wee hours of Monday. Weather forecasters are saying we can expect cloudy skies overnight Sunday. Don't despair!

The show is already going on nightly. So stay up late Saturday night, when clear skies are expected, and into Sunday morning to enjoy the show! You won't see as many meteors Saturday night as you would at the peak of the event, but you can't see 'em at all through clouds!

A patio lounge chair and a light cover will make it easy to lay back, look up, and comfortably count the "falling stars" while you enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

For more details visit Science@NASA.

School Picture Books 8/10/07

Hey teachers, parents and kids, the beginning of the school year is right around the corner and the Youth Services Department has a HUGE display of school related picture books to share with you. Here's a sneak peek at a few of our new school picture books.

The Bus Stop by Janet Morgan Stoeke
Kindergartners gather for their exciting first ride on the school bus.

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School by Jane Yolen

What's the deal with those "greeting card" emails?

What a lovely surprise, a 'classmate' has sent you an electronic greeting card! How nice.

The only thing is, that "greeting card" may just be hiding nasty little computer viruses that could harm your computer, or spyware that resides on your computer and allows other people to access it without your knowledge.

Some of these bogus e-cards appear to come from the "Greeting Card Association," a real trade group which DOES NOT issue greeting cards, or other legitimate-sounding companies. Often the email's subject line says a "a former classmate" or "a family member" has sent a greeting card.

Next Monthly Monday Movie: August 20, 7:00 p.m.

Send summer off in fine style with this documentary film about the sport of surfing around the world. Watch dedicated surfers "shoot the curl" of some totally gnarly waves! MPAA rating: PG--Approx. 88 minutes.
Register here or call (440) 250-5462.

An Invitation to Westlake Porter Public Library’s Ice Cream Social

A visit to Westlake Porter Public Library on July 23 finds hometown tradition thriving. The town’s Ice Cream Social has been a library event since 1882 when a group of local young people created the Dover Literary Society.
The Society’s Constitution stated the following: “Wishing to form an effective organization for the purpose of mutual help and improvement and as one of the means to this end to establish and sustain a Library.” In 1884 town-builder Leonard Porter bequeathed the sum of $1000 to establish a library, and what had been a wish became a reality.

New Picture Books 6/28/07

Miss Jamie has some funtastic new picture books to share with you. Our summer reading program is now in full swing, so stop on by and check out one of these titles for your summer reading log.

Goat and Donkey in the Great Outdoors by Simon Puttock
Goat decides to take a vacation in the great outdoors, but he can't decide where to go. With the help of Donkey he picks a wonderful vacation spot.

Next Monthly Monday Movie: July 16, 7:00 P.M.

For July's Monthly Monday Movie we'll cool off with an Academy Award-winning film about the heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) breeding cycle of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. Approx. 80 minutes. Register here or call (440) 250-5462.

The Presidential Campaign of 1840

Politics ran high in 1840 throughout the United States, and Dover was no exception. Large delegations came from adjoining townships to a mass meeting here, including a group from Avon, and from Sheffield. The wagon was hitched to thirty-two yoke of oxen in one string, decorated with coon skins, and complete with a barrel of hard cider. A donkey cart headed the cavalcade and was adorned with a sign, Sub-Treasury, a deliberate rebuke to the Van Buren administration since it failed to enact certain favored banking laws.