DandelionsWhen spring arrives it bring dandelions.  For most of us dandelions are a nuisance we want out of our yard.  Nibbles the guinea pig wants as many dandelions as possible.  Nibbles: A Green Tale written and illustrated by Charlotte Middleton tells the tale of a guinea pig trying to restore the dandelions to his town.


Share this story of Nibbles as he finds a lone dandelion in his yard, nutures it and restores the dandelion population to his town of Dandeville.  Nibbles becomes a hero and feeds all the guinea pigs of Dandeville.

Make this cute dandelion craft with your child with items you have around the house.

  • Cotton Swabs
  • Glue
  • Construction paper (1 piece, any color)
  • One cotton ball
  • One pipe cleaner (green)


  1. Arrange cotton swabs in a circle toward the top of the construction paper (see picture for details)
  2. Glue cotton swabs in place
  3. Glue cotton ball in the middle of the cotton swabs
  4. Twist pipe cleaner into the shape of stem and glue below the cotton ball

Congratulations you have made your own dandelion!

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