Something to Talk About by Beth Donaldson

Something to Talk About is a sweet and sexy romance, from a new author and Northeast Ohio librarian, set in the small Ohio town of Mill Falls where gossip runs amok and wreaks havoc for our couple.  Hunky landscape architect, Mike, is new in town but has already earned the title One Date Wonder.  Librarian Glad (Gladiolus, because her mother loved flowers) is also new in town and finds herself drawn to his easy-going charm and brawn, despite warnings to stay away.

Bad PR from Mike’s womanizing jeopardizes his job so he seeks some respectability with a steady girlfriend, and who better than the beloved librarian.  As expected, sparks fly and things get real for Mike and Glad until some secrets threaten to put the kibosh on their blossoming relationship (pun intended).  

The second book in this series, Just a Taste, pairs the perpetually nice April with reformed high school bad boy Matt.  Matt had a rough childhood in Mill Falls and left town to make something of himself.  Success has brought him back, ready to confront a skeleton in his closet.  When that skeleton collides with his growing attraction to April, more gossip and heartache ensue while the lovers work through a revelation that will have repercussions for April’s tight-knit family.  

These pleasant jaunts to Mill Valley follow your typical HEA romance formula but their charm lies with likeable characters that draw you in with a good mix of humor and angst along the way. Both books feature a secondary plot that adds a bit of peril to the overall story, and various residents of Mill Falls make appearances, foreshadowing stories to come. In an interview featured in the May 2017 issue of Uncaged Book Reviews, Donaldson notes she’s currently planning 5 stories for this series, but is open to more if the right characters come along.  Book three of the Heart of it All series, Can’t Shake You, is expected to release later this year.  Visit to read the interview and excerpts from both books.  

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