Happy St. Patrick's Day

shamrockSt. Patrick's Day is almost here and I have a great Read It book and Make It craft. S is for Shamrock: An Ireland Alphabet a non-fiction book by Eve Bunting and Illustrated by Matt Faulkner is the perfect way to learn facts about Ireland and St. Patrick's Day.

This book relates a different fact about Ireland for every letter of the alphabet.  Facts about Irish Wolf Hounds, The Blarney Stone and the city of Dublin are just a few of the facts presented in this book.  

After learning 26 facts about Ireland have your child make his own Shamrock with the following easy craft.


  • Green tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • One piece of cardstock or construction paper


  1. Cut medium to large shamrock shape out of construction paper/cardstock
  2. Cut tissue paper into 2' x 2' s squares
  3. Wrinkle a tissue paper square in your hand and glue to shamrock shape
  4. Continue to wrinkle and glue until the shamrock is covered with wrinkled tissue paper

Enjoy your new St. Patrick's Day decoration!

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