All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

This story follows the aftermath of a 15 year-old rape victim who’s been given a drug that erases the assault from her memory.  After a suicide attempt, it becomes apparent that, while unable to remember the attack itself, Jenny still retains an unidentifiable fear that is causing her much anguish.  Can Jenny retrieve the memories of that attack and bring her rapist to justice?

The story is told in third person by her psychiatrist, Alan Forrester, and it is a multi-faceted one.  It deals not only with Jenny’s attempt to remember and her parents’ own insecurities as they cope, but also draws in another patient who was administered the same drug, and the psychiatrist’s son, who becomes a potential suspect in the investigation. 

Some readers may find the attack disturbing as it is recounted in clinical detail in several therapy sessions as Jenny works to retrieve those memories.  The pros and cons of erasing memories pose many interesting questions and make this title an excellent book club choice. The author’s note indicates a similar drug therapy is already in use with the military.  The story also carries a moral dilemma that arises when Dr. Forrester’s son becomes a suspect.   Much to discuss here and yes, there is a twist to this ending.  Fans of Defending Jacob might like this one

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