Summer Vacation Movies

I don’t know about you, but even though the official start of summer is sometime around June 21, the REAL start of summer, for me, is as soon as school lets out. As soon as that last bell rings and the last bus roars by it is SUMMER—time to break out the sunglasses and fall asleep in a hammock!

Around here we’ve been getting ready for Summer Reading: decorating, visiting area schools and planning programs. It’s hectic, and we all are wishing for a little summer vacation of our own. Since I can’t just snap my fingers and make it happen I’ll do the next best thing! I’ve made up a new list of movies for your consideration. Each either takes place during summer vacation or has a general summery-vacationy feel to it. (Yes, “vacationy” is a word. I just invented it.)

Daddy Day Camp
Two dads try to salvage a summer day-camp operation with hilarious results.



Troublemaker Ben gets “farmed out” for the summer and learns the importance of friendship.



Summer Eleven
Four best friends spend their last childhood summer together.



Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster
Zoinks! Scoob and the gang solve a mystery on Lake Erie! Is it Lemmy?



The Parent Trap
The ultimate summer camp movie. I prefer the Hayley Mills version, but the Lindsey Lohan remake is nice too.



The Great Outdoors
Summer vacation is gonna be great—and then the annoying neighbors show up.



With their town in jeopardy, a group of friends sets off on a legendary treasure hunt.



The Sandlot
A magical summer of baseball, wild adventures… and The Beast.



My Girl
A girl’s life-changing summer. (Tear jerker!)



Tuck Everlasting
Winnie escapes her stifling family and falls for the mysterious Jesse Tuck.



Judy Moody and the Not-Bummer Summer
Can Judy have a great summer when everyone has left town? You bet!



The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
Three twelve-year old boys develop a unique friendship with an elderly man during a summer they’ll never forget.



Arthur’s Great Summer
A compilation of Arthur’s favorite summer adventures with Binky, Muffy, D.W. and more!



Summer Magic
When a family loses their fortune, they rediscover the important things in life along the summer shores of Maine.



Happy Viewing!

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