50 years of Dr. Who!

Doctor Who first aired on BBC1, November 23, 1963. Yes, for those of you who just did the math, that means this year marks Dr. Who's 50th anniversary. Sure, he went away for awhile, but since his return to the BBC in 2005, he seems to be more popular than ever. So you can be sure the people behind Dr. Who are not going to let this momentous occasion go unnoticed.

A brand new website for the program (www.doctorwho.tv) has been launched and over the coming months it will detail activities planned to mark the anniversary. The BBC is planning to air a special 3D anniversary episode on Nov. 23rd. A special three-day event to be held at London's ExCel Center before the 3D episode, is expected to draw thousands of fans, and lots of stars and talent from the series. (Get your plane tix now!) The Royal Mail has even crated a set of 11 Doctor Who stamps to tie in with the 50th celebration!

For time being (get it?)- Part two of Season 7 begins this coming Saturday, March 30, and it looks like his new companion will be the girl who was transformed into a Dalek, and then destroyed. How is this possible, you may ask? Who knows? It's sci-fi tv. They write themselves into and out of a lot of strange situations.

Can't wait for new episodes? Want more than tv can give you? The Westlake Porter Public Library has a vast array of Dr. Who books and videos for your reading and viewing pleasure. Find them under "Dr. Who" in the Sci-Fi book area and in the "TV" section of the DVDs. (Be brave and you may even find some VHS mixed in with the regular DVDs!)

Oh, and don't forget, April 3 is now intergalactic Fish Fingers and Custard Day.

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