Reading Readiness

Is your child learning how to read?  Stop in and check out our new Easy Reader collection.

In order to help children and parents select the most appropriate book, we have condensed our Easy Reader collection into 4 levels.

These levels are: WHITE, ORANGE, GREEN and BLUE.  Books with white labels on the spine are the easiet, while books with blue labels are the most difficult in the Easy Reader Collection.

We have created exciting new signs to help you make your selections. 

Easy Reader Guide
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1. Print Motivation: child shows an interest in/enjoyment of books

2. Phonological Awareness: the ability to hear and play with smaller sounds in words

3. Vocabulary: knowing the names of things

4. Narrative Skills: the ability to describe objects, actions, events and to tell stories

5. Print Awareness: noticing print everywhere; knowing how to handle a book and follow the words across a page

6. Letter Knowledge: knowing that letters are different from each other and that they have different names and sounds


--Make big letters out of yarn, tape, twigs or sticks. Make edible letters out of cooked spaghetti, pancake batter or cookie dough!

--Don't just read books, read everything! Road signs, cereal boxes, grocery lists and more! It's all an opportunity to learn.

--Create a special reading spot in your home with a kid-friendly bookshelf or book basket nearby.

--Give books as rewards for a job well done instead of candy or toys.

--Give books as gifts, and encourage friends and relatives to do the same.

--Incorporate rhyming into your daily routine: "Look at the cat! He's on the mat!" Incorporate alliteration: green grass, tall trees, etc.

--Make an "I Spy" style game to teach direction and position: "I spy something red next to the chair."

--Try "Simon Says" for listening skills and following directions.

--Active listeners can recall and retell a story. After reading, talk with your child about what happened, and the order of the story.

--Visit your library regularly (of course!).


Looking for picture books that explore learning concepts? Westlake Porter Library has several spine labels to help your search! Look for a red ABC sticker on books that teach letters and/or the alphabet. Look for yellow 123 stickers on books that teach number concepts. Look for intertwined circles in red, yellow and blue on books that explore colors. Look for a yellow label with a circle, triangle and square on books that explore shapes.