Let "The Games" begin!

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In the (near?) future, Olympic officials get tired of having to test Olympic athletes not only for drugs, but for genetic enhancements. So they decide to bring back the Gladiator competition, where genetic manipulation of contestants is not only allowed, it is encouraged! After all, the contestants must fight to the death. The only caveat is that No Human DNA can be used.

This new Olympic bloodsport becomes extremely popular, and bio-engineers become the new rock stars, with the country winning the gladiatorial event gaining wealth as well as bragging rights. The U.S. has been dominating the competition for many years and the geneticist in charge of creating the "gladiators" is under pressure to keep designing bigger and better monstrosities, able to survive the contest and bring glory to the U.S.

In a desperate bid to obtain victory, the geneticist's boss turns over the design phase of the program to an new, mostly untested super computer. The results are startling to say the least. The creature is like nothing the world has ever seen, and is a born killing machine. But what exactly is this thing, and once it starts killing, can it ever stop?

The Games by Ted Kosmatka is available in the Science Fiction area of WPPL.

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