The return of pulp science fiction

Are you a fan of the old-school sci-fi pulps? Do you wish there was a place you could find a collection of these stories?
Planet Stories was a popular pulp digest published between 1939 and 1955. Many well-known science fiction writers got their start writing for Planet Stories and other pulp digests, and now the works of some of those authors are being collected and reprinted.
Science fiction legend Robert Silverberg reflects on some of his earliest, least-reprinted tales in a new Planet Stories collection!

In the introduction, Silverberg details discovering Planet Stories magazine and not being quite old enough to write for it before it folded, and then the other magazines he became involved with publishing that type of story, specifically "Science Fiction Adventures", in which these stories appeared.
Between 1956 and 1958, Silverberg contributed dozens of short stories and novellas to the digest pulps, each written in the bombastic, high-adventure space-opera stylings of the original Planet Stories magazine. Since then, those tales have re-appeared only rarely.
This volume, titled "Hunt the Space-Witch!" features seven hard-to-find classic Silverberg novellas: Slaves of the Star Giants, Spawn of the Deadly Sea, The Flame and the Hammer, Valley Beyond Time, Hunt the Space-Witch!, The Silent Invaders, and Spacerogue.
Pick it up now in the New Fiction room and take a trip to fantastic worlds of high adventure!

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