Clouds, telescopes, and Mercury

"Will the telescopes be set up?" We frequently get that question when we have an astronomy program scheduled at the library. The telescopes that I, along with other astronomy club members, bring to the library are very good but we can't see through clouds. That's one reason the Hubble Space Telescope is so valuable -- it isn't affected by weather. It's also the reason so many astronomers live in Arizona!

At the time of this writing one weather forecast calls for afternoon skies between 68 and 86 percent cloud cover today. Another says there may be fewer clouds but any space between them will be nearly opaque for sun watching. {Sigh!} A typical November afternoon in Northeast Ohio.

So, watch the home page of the library's Web site for notice of whether we will have telescopes set up. Or you can call the switchboard at (440) 871-2600. But if you can't see blue sky and the sun isn't shining, we'll not be able to show you today's transit of Mercury. Here's the URL of a Web site that is planning a webcast of today's celestial event:

Next show by that planet: 2017

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