Beat the Reaper


In Beat the Reaper, we meet Peter Brown, an intern at a bad New York hospital. He came to his medical career via a different path than most doctors. Peter's path took him through the Witness Relocation Program. So he works saving lives, to make up for all the lives he took when he was a mafia hitman.

But there's a problem: a new patient, someone from his old life, someone who knows Peter and knows the people who want him dead. So, Peter has to keep this patient alive: if he dies, calls will be made, and Peter will be on the run.

The book interweaves Peter's present predicament with a story line about his growing up compelled to avenge the murder of his grandparents, who were raising him. Revenge made him choose Adam "Skinflick" Locano, the son of a powerful mafia attorney, and the family's acceptance of him lured him into their world.

Beat the Repear is a fast-faced, violent, inventive story with compelling characters and a lot of surprises that fans of hard-case crime will enjoy. Bazell brings real freshness to the genre.

I loved this book! Very

I loved this book! Very unique and entertaining!

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