Privacy and ebooks

For all of the talk about ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader, you don't see a lot of information about personal privacy with regard to ebooks.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -- an organization committed to defending free speech, privacy, and consumer rights -- has put together "An Ebook Buyer's Guide to Privacy". In this guide, you can out whether Amazon can monitor what you read on the Kindle (yes, they can), and with whom companies can share your information.

This is an important resource for users of ebooks. A few months ago, Amazon remotely removed copies of two George Orwell books from people's Kindles without informing them, even though they had paid for the titles. Guides like the one from the EFF will help ebook users understand the technologies involved and make more informed decisions in choosing a technology.

The link to the guide:

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