A Final Journey


This is a delightful novel of two old people on their final trip. John & Ella Robina have shared a wonderful life for more than fifty years. Now in their eighties, Ella suffers from cancer and has stopped taking the treatments. Instead, she is popping pain pills. John has Alzheimer disease and is subject to outbursts of anger and confusion.

The story starts with John and Ella departing their home in Detroit on their Leisure Seeker RV headed to Disneyland. Ella is calling the shots and she knows that they don't have much time left. Between the misadventures, they do many things that tourists do as they go down on Route 66 for a final vacation together.

The book evokes with great insight, tenderness and humor the absurdities and indignities of old age. As the story moves along, we note the freedoms and consolations of being old. I found the story to be an uplifting tribute to living one's life how one wants to.

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