Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook

133.9013 M393A:
The author’s stated purpose for writing this book was to educate readers with regard to effective methods of exploring the “afterlife”.  The premise being that, by refocusing our attention on non-material realities, we enable ourselves to perceive and interact with the “ghosts”or “souls” or “spirits” of those who have died--and, that by acquiring, in this manner, first-hand experience of the afterlife, our grief over the loss of loved ones and our fear of our own death is dispelled.
This may all be; I have not tested it in any substantive way.
What strikes me about the book is the clear, accurate description of what happens, both psychologically and physiologically, when one is hypnotized. Anyone who has ever been hypnotized or engaged in any type of self-hypnosis will recognize the “scripts”or “exercises” which form the bulk of the book as hypnosis induction routines.
These are provided to guide the reader into a frame of mind that is capable of the desired kind of perception--but one could easily utilize this frame of mind for other types of explorations: explorations of self, recovery of repressed memories, etc.
The final chapters of the book deal with these issues. Anyone who has ever wondered whether her own experiences of hypnosis are typical should read the author’s descriptions of phenomena related to the experience. Very interesting!
Fractal Time: the Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

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