Herb Geissler's Powerpoint for IIG meeting: May 2, 2013

2013MayClimateWestlake.ppt2.42 MB

John Sawczak's Investment Calendar for 2013

This investment calendar is from Mr. Sawczak's year-end wrap up for 2012.

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Investors Interest Group meeting: John Sawczak - Dec. 1 - handouts

Handouts from John Sawczak's discussion at the 12/1 IIG meeting in which he recapped the 2011 investing year, and gave a preview of 2012.

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Handouts for May 5th, 2011

Documents are available in .doc and PDF

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Handouts for April 7

Handouts for the Investors Interest Group talk on April 7th, 2011 called "Beginning Charting-Part 1: Using Technical Analysis to chart stocks".

Handouts+for+April+7+2011.doc18.52 MB
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Handouts from John Sawczak's Westlake Library Market Calendar Presentation on December 2, 2010

Both the slides and reading materials have been gathered into separate PDFs. To read PDFs, you must have Adobe Reader, which is a free download.

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Powerpoint for Herb Geissler's 11/4 talk

Attached is the PowerPoint file for Herb Geissler's talk on 11/4/10 entitled, "Profitable Bottom Fishing During Annual Stock Market Corrections."

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Documents for Dr. Raj Aggarwal's talk on 10/30 on the globalization of world markets

Dr. Raj Aggarwal's talk on the globalization of world markets. He discussed 4 major approaches to investing worldwide.

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