Getting to Know Ebooks and Ereaders

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This video was made from a class at the library called "Getting to Know Ebooks and Ereaders" and covers the basic differences between ereaders and tablets, a comparison of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, and other special considerations when considering buying a device for reading ebooks.

With all of the new models out, the examples are a little dated; but the basic differences between ereaders and tablets are the same.

More help with ebooks can be found on our Downloadables Support page


Ebooks can be read on:

  • ereaders: Nook Touch; Kindle Basic, Paperwhite, etc,; Sony Reader
  • Tablets: iPad, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, etc.
  • Some Smart Phones via "apps"
  • Computers

Ereader Glossary
App: short for “application.” Software that runs on tablets and smart phones.
E-ink/e-paper: a technology used in ereader screens that resembles print on physical paper.
Ereader: a device whose primary function is reading ebooks and electronic periodicals
Tablet: a small, highly portable personal computer with a touch screen.

Choosing a device

These guides will help you understand the features of ereaders and tablets, and help you choose what type of device will be best for you.

Research devices

Excellent sources for reviews of ereaders and tablets (and just about anything electronic):
Consumer Reports - Available online. Print copies are available in the library.