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Coffee with Linda Session 3 - A Big Success: Thanks to Linda Street

Greetings all you regular Edge Readers

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Well, as usual, I have to report another bang-up job by our resident spiritual guru, Linda Street;  our Coffee with Linda discussion group on June 8 was wonderful.

We had a lot of new people who were a little shy at first, but by the half-way mark, we were percolating with poignant questions and some hard questions for Linda, which she answered adeptly.

This was the third of these small discussions that we've had with Linda.  It's a new format for us, designed to allow more interaction between speakers and program attendees.  I didn't know how it would work out, but I have to say, that I'm very pleased.  Each of our meetings, so far, has been very rewarding.  I come away from it feeling very satisfied that something important has taken place.

Coffee With Linda Session 3: Meditations: June 8, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Greetings Edge Readers!

Heads Up!  Our resident Spiritual Guru, Linda Street, is returning Monday, June 8, 6:30 -8:30 pm for the third in a series of small group discussions.

Linda is the author of Rays of  Light;  Listen to the Dark, a Reiki Master, spiritual intuitive, channeler, and life coach.

We will continue to probe the topic of universal energies,  what  they are, and how we can connect to them to improve ourselves, our relationships with others, and our lives.

Thanks Susan Fox!



Greetings Edge Readers!


Thanks to all of you who attended our May 14 program on Near Death Experience and thanks to our speaker, Susan Fox,  who did a bang-up job.  Infact both Susan and those in attendance were in great form.  There was a lot of interaction.  You asked questions, participated in the exercises,and shared your personal experiences.  So, kudos all around for making this a really wonderful experience


About Our Speaker for the May 14 program on Near-Death Experience


Greetings Edge Readers!


I thought I'd tell you a little about our speaker for the May 14 program on Near-Death Experience.


That's her in the stary blue sky above; she's Susan Fox, an internationally known brain dialog researcher, certified consulting hypnotist, writer, life coach and public speaker.  She is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-philosopher practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher, and an Energy Field Intuitive.


She received her hypnotherapy certification in 1988 at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles, CA. and writes the NGH column called Hypnosis Scripting.   


Space (and time) permitting,  I will include her official bio in the program booklet for the May 14 presentation along with her list of suggested websites and reading.  She's been the recipient of a number of honors.


Though she'll be talking to us about the near-death experience when she's here in a couple of weeks,  her specialty is helping clients create and sustain happy relationships.  If you check out her web site at brainviewtraininginstitute.com, you can view both a list of her other speaking engagements around the country and a list of books she's written.


Susan has had her own personal Near-Death Experience; she'll talk about that and about Near-Death Experiences in general.  She tells me she'll be asking participants to engage in some practical perceptual exercises and there will be time for open discussion, so you'll be able to ask questions and relate your own experiences.


I'd like to write more, but I'm running out of time, so I'll ask you to check back in a couple of days, for more about this sure to be exciting program.


Remember to register, if you haven't already, by calling 440-250-5460, asking at any public service desk, or online using our event calendar


If you leave your email address when you register, I'll send you a reminder message a day or two before the program, so you won't forget.



Hypnotherapist, Susan Fox, on Near-Death Experience; May 14, 7-8:30 pm

Greetings Edge Readers!


Heads Up! Westlake Porter Public Library welcomes an exciting new speaker. May 14, 2015; 7-8:30 pm  in the Porter Room, hypnotherapist, Susan Fox, speaks on Near-Death Experience.


What happens when we die? Are all those accounts we hear true? Hear Susan relate her first-hand experience and talk about the general nature of NDEsListen, learn, ask questions, and tell your own story.


The date is fast approaching, we hope you can join us, so register now; call 440-250-5460, ask at any public service desk, or use our online event calendar.


I'll have more about this program in coming days, so watch the Edge. There'll be information about Susan, about NDEs, and about library materials on the topic.



Linda Street Creates a Beautiful Space

Greetings EDGE Readers!


Just wanted to write a little something to express my thanks to Linda Street and to all of you who attended our Coffee With Linda discussion group on January 29.


We had a really great conversation. Linda was wonderful, as usual, and the group was open and sharing, just the way I've been hoping it would be. I've borrowed the title of this post from one of the evaluations.  I agree, Linda did create a beautiful space to be in.


I've read the evaluations and will be sharing the results with Linda shortly.  We're going to try and incorporate some of your suggestions in future meetings.  If you didn't fill out an evaluation sheet after the program, you can still relay your interests for future programs or any other comment, by emailing me at Ilona.Miklos@westlakelibrary.org.  I'll pass them on to Linda.


For the next meeting, I know, Linda is thinking that we'll allot more time for the meditation, for one thing, and I'm thinking of asking her to talk a little more about meditation in general, since some of you have suggested that. 


In my private talks with Linda, I know we've discussed the many forms meditation can take, some of them traditional ones we've all heard of, involving assuming certain body positions and paying close attention to our breathing or focusing on something in particular, a word or phrase, for example.   But we also discussed other methods, walking or running outdoors, breathing deeply and taking in the beauty of nature;  or staring comfortably out a window at trees or clouds or birds or squirrels while quieting your mind.  I think meditation is a lot like listening. It's being prepared to receive something, the way you can be prepared to hear . . . 


I also think you can meditate while listening to certain kinds of music, or while being involved in some kind of creative or artistic activity.  So there are a lot of ways to meditate and I think, a discussion on that topic could be very illuminating and helpful.  I have something different up there now, but I think that in March, I'lll feature books on meditation on my endcap display near the 100s and 200s(ask a staff member where that is if you're unsure).


Coffee With Linda 2: January 29, 6:30-8:30 pm in the Dover Room


Greetings Edge Readers!
Our resident spiritual channeler, intuitive, and teacher, Linda Street, is returning to Westlake Porter Public Library this Thursday evening, January 29, 6:30 - 8:30 pm in the Dover Room, for Coffee With Linda, an intimate, casual discussion of spiritual healing and growth. 
Linda is the author of Rays of Light-Listen to the Dark, a book channeled from higher consciousness, which explains how we can access the frequencies of the Universe and the energies of Nature to heal ourselves psychologically and spiritually, to obtain guidance, and on occasion, answers to specific questions.  Linda will be talking about her book and showing us how we can use the therapy outlined in it to rid ourselves of limiting patterns and, so, achieve our life goals and be happy.
Linda will begin this session with a description of her work: her past experience with energy therapy and her current focus.  From there, the discussion can go anywhere.  We hope you'll feel comfortable asking questions and relating personal experiences.  Linda will give you her take on your personal situation.
In my last discussion with Linda, I learned that she intends to lead us in a guided meditation for part of the meeting and to give us all an opportunity for practical experience with a powerful spiritual tool that facilitates our ability to access and draw on the energies of nature

Thanks Marc DeWerth!

Thanks Marc.png

Many thanks to Marc DeWerth of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization for a fantastic program on the 29th. He really knows how to tell a story and the door prizes and Sasquatch watches were a pleasant surprise.
Thanks, also, to all of you who attended.  You were a great audience.  It was nice to see adults and kids enjoying the same program.
Marc has indicated that he is taking a break from speaking for the rest of this year, but you can keep up with his activities next year by checking out the Ohio Big Foot Conference website.  You can also email him at madbigfoot@aol.com.
If you want to get a hold of a copy of Marc's suggested reading list on Sasquatch, or a list of books on Sasquatch and related topics that the library owns, I still have some copies of the program booklet I put together in one of the acrylic containers on the end cap near the 100s and 200s.  They’ll be there until they’re gone.
Thanks, again, to all.  I’ll be back soon with more news from The Edge.

Buckeye Bigfoot with Marc DeWerth of the Ohio BigFoot Organization, Wed Oct 29; 6:30-8:30 pm


Greetings EDGE readers:
Please join us Wednesday evening, October 29 between 6:30 and 8:30 pm in the Porter Room for a presentation by Marc DeWerth of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization.
There's a lot of interest in this one an I'm really looking forward to it. Kids are welcome, in fact Marc tells me kids really get into the idea of BigFoot and enjoy his presentation. That doesn't mean its just for kids though. The presentation aims at both kids and adults.
Marc's originally from Westlake and now resides in the nearby community of Columbia Station. He's been investigating BigFoot sitings for more than 20 years. That amounts to more than 200 investigations so far. He firmly believes that BigFoot does in fact reside in the state of Ohio and he's going to be presenting evidence to prove it.

Thank You Tom Wertman!


Greetings again EDGE readers!

Thanks to all of you who attended the October 5 UFO and Alien Life Discussion Group.  This is the second small group discussion I've organized.  I've been testing it as a programming format and, so far, it's been very successful. Thanks to Tom Wertman of MUFON Ohio and The Cleveland Ufology Project for doing a wonderful job.
We had an exciting discussion. I've never seen such overwhelmingly positive comments on evaluation sheets in all the years I've been involved with programming here at Porter Public Library.

Several people asked me whether we would be doing it again soon, or on a regular basis. One person had driven 100 miles to attend. Stragglers were still talking to Tom an hour after the official end of the program. That's how intense the interest was.