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It's a Mystery 2/16/2010

More Sad News

It's a Mystery 1/21/2010

Split Image coverRobert B ParkerSplit Image cover

Robert B. Parker (1932-2010)

It's a Mystery 11/30/09

Mystery Awards Wrap-Up

The following mystery awards have been presented in 2009 for books published in 2008.  The titles can be found in the mystery section unless otherwise indicated.

Agatha Awards (named in honor of Agatha Christie)

It's a Mystery 10/7/09

New Feature

It's a Mystery 8/22/09

It's a Mystery 6/28/09

Be Part of a Mystery!  See YOUR NAME in print!

Les Roberts, local author of the Milan Jacovich series, will use YOUR NAME in his next book!*  Raffle tickets are on sale in Portables Gift Shop - $5 each.

It's a Mystery 6/18/09

Les Roberts Mystery Program

It's A Mystery 5/18/09

We have a winner!

It's a Mystery 3/26/09


It's a Mystery 2/24/2009

Hooray for Hollywood

No need for mystery readers to miss out on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.  There are several series and titles set in Tinseltown.

Here are some of the WPPL mysteries with a flavor of Hollywood movies and television.