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Which ereader should I buy?

At the library, we get asked point blank, "What should I buy?" when it comes to ereaders.

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha 306.7 R988S 2010

book cover imageAn illuminating and provocative inquiry into how our most ancient ancestors were sexual. For centuries, it has been thought that monogamy is and was the norm among human populations. In some paradigms, room was made for polygamy as well, but this analysis of evidence drawn from diverse areas of study: primatology, anthropology, archaeology, biology and psychology ---tells a different story.

Ebooks and privacy

ereader image

Ebooks are booming, and ereaders are hot gift items for the holiday season. This guide on ebooks provides you with some resources to decide what to buy. There's another consideration: privacy. Why do you need to worry about privacy? Because some of the same technological features in these devices that give you quick access to ebooks can also monitor what you are reading. To the page. Seriously.

Library ebooks on your iPad/iphone

Overdrive has announced a new app to allow library ebooks to be read on an iphone (iPad and Droid support will come later). Although it's not available yet, you can see a sneak preview below.

The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe by Marija Gimbutas 202.11 G491g

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? How did they live? What did they think? What did they feel? What was their religion? Did they question the meaning of life? Ask why threre was pain? Did they fear death? What came between paintings on cave walls and the beginnings of civilization?

The Yoga of Time Travel: how the mind can defeat time by Fred Alan Wolf PhD 115 W853y 2004

Is time travel possible? Is time an illusion? Yes! Author, Alan Wolf, explains how in--The Yoga of Time Trave--a fascinating exploration of the subject that takes us from the Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines to possibility waves, probability curves, worm holes and Hindu mysticism.

The Great Field: soul at play in a conscious universe by John James, PhD 110 J27g 2007

In The Great Field: soul at play in a conscious universe, author, John James, weaves together the ideas of modern science (quantum physics and string theory), and ancient and indigenous religion to explain "transpersonal psychology".

Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization by Spencer Wills; 304.2 W456P 2010

{{9781400062157}}Growing up, my mother told me many stories. Most of them were about Uncle Joe, Aunt Rose, Grandma and Grandpa coming to this country, and the like. But some of the stories were different, they touched on more universal subjects and one of these attempted to explain something of human history and why certain antagonisms exist today between various individuals, kinds of individuals, and groups of human beings. It began, “ In the beginning, we moved around a lot…” She was describing a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

100 Killer Thrillers

book coverA recent NPR poll sorted through more than 17,000 ballots and 600 nominated novels for their list the Top 100 Killer Thrillers!

I won't tell you what book was at #1 (the cover I used isn't a spoiler). I will tell you that Stieg Larsson has three titles on the list, as does Dennis Lehane and Michael Crichton. But the author with the most titles on the list, with six, is Steven King.

Beat the Reaper


In Beat the Reaper, we meet Peter Brown, an intern at a bad New York hospital. He came to his medical career via a different path than most doctors. Peter's path took him through the Witness Relocation Program. So he works saving lives, to make up for all the lives he took when he was a mafia hitman.