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Financial Crisis Timeline

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has created a timeline of the current financial crisis.

Links to press releases, SEC filings, Congressional testimony, etc., are provided within each timeline entry. Also, there is a PDF version of the timeline that you can download and print off.

Time Magazine: Top 10 Everything of 2008

As we say farewell to 2008, let's celebrate the year with a boatload of top 10 lists from Time Magazine!

There are 50 top 10 lists in The Top 10 Everything of 2008, which include such topics as:

  • Odd-ball news stories
  • Olympic Moments
  • Late Night Jokes
  • iPhone apps
  • Viral videos

I particularly liked this entry in the Top 10 T-shirt worthy slogans category.

Health Care Information Site for Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission has created an excellent new Website called Who Cares: Sources of Information About Health Care Products and Services.

This site provides information on:

  • Care and services -- including facilities, therapies, etc.
  • Pills and Products
  • Scams and frauds

A PDF version of the site is also available, making it easy to take the information to your doctor.

Website for safe toys:

'Tis the season to buy toys. If you have concerns about the safety of the toys you buy and the use of chemicals in them, then check out

You can browse by toy brand or type. There are also lists of the best and worst toys.

A Resource to Help Injured Service Members and their Families and Caregivers

The National Resource Directory is a Website maintained by the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs that provides information--both medical and non-medical--to help wounded/injured/ill service members and their families.

Information comes from a range of organizations, including all levels of the government, academic institutions, non-profit and faith-based organizations, etc.

What Parents Need to Know about Social Networking Sites: A Resource Guide

Social networking sites are all the rage, from Webkinz and Club Penguin for small children, to Facebook and MySpace. Many parents have concerns about these Websites.

The library has prepared a guide to safe participation in social networking sites. The guide includes instruction on how to check your personal computer to make sure your kids are sticking to safe sites. To get the guide, click on the computer.

New Spam Attacks Lure with Current Events

In this article from Government Computer News, we learn that email spam attacks are attempting to lure people based on their interest in President-elect Obama's victory or the current economic crisis.

I personally received one of the Obama emails within a day or two after election day.

New Site for Kids Teaches Business Concepts

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a site that teaches kids to be smart consumers.

The site, You Are Here places kids in an mall environment. In this interactive site, kids can learn about advertising: evaluating ads for reliable claims, and creating an ad for a shoe store., a cool music site is a music site that has been around for awhile, but it has changed its model. Here is what it offers:

  • song downloads (mp3 format, DRM-free) for 89 cents.
  • streaming any song in their catalog for free the first time you listen to it.

Prescription Drug Safety Information from the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has launched a single Web page that provides safety information for prescription drugs. The site includes information in a range of categories including:

  • Drug Labeling
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)
  • Studies and Clinical Trials of Approved Products Required by FDA or Agreed to by the Application Holder
  • Registries and Clinical Trials
  • Latest Safety Information
  • Using Medicines Safely

By launching this single page, the FDA has made this information much easier to find.