SmallBytes: What's the Point?

"What's the Point?" is a Website created by the Ohio Public Library Information Network and the Ohio Historical Society.

The site provides a guide for identifying flint artifacts, in addition to historical information about Ohio's ancient peoples.

This short tutorial covers the artifact identification process.

SmallBytes: What's That Snake?

Accurately identifying snakes found in the wild is an important task. "What's that Snake" from the Ohio Public Library Information Network makes snake identification much easier.

It is a great site for students learning about snakes, as well as people who spend time in the outdoors.

SmallBytes: What Tree Is It?

Have you ever found a leaf or fruit and wonder what kind of tree it came from?

The What Tree Is It? Website will help you come up with the answers. It is a useful site for hikers, birders, and students.

This tutorial takes you through the identification process.