A Sleepy Bird

birdAs the days get longer it is harder and harder for kids to fall asleep. You may have a child who fights going to sleep. S/he would be just like Sleepy Bird. Sleepy Bird written and illustrated by Jeremy Tankard is a great summer read to share with your child.


Sleepy Bird is a melodramatic bird who does not want to go to sleep.  He tries and tries to get his friends to play with him.  After searching high and low for a playmate Sleepy Bird breaks down.  He realizes he is tired and falls asleep.  Sleepy Bird's friends are thoughtful and stay with him during the night and are there to play with him when he wakes up.


  1. Brown paper lunch sack
  2. Brown construction paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. 3 large pom poms
  6. 6 medium googly eyes
  7. Yellow felt


  • Fold the edges of the lunch sack down and shape the sack into a circle
  • Cut several 1" strips from the brown construction paper
  • Glue the strips in and around the outside of the paper sack (as shown in picture)
  • Glue two googly eyes to each pom pom
  • Cut three small triangles from the yellow felt
  • Glue on triangle to the pom pom just below the eyes (as shown in picture)
  • Place your three small birds (pom poms) into the nest (paper lunch sack)

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