Hug a Cactus?

Read It Make It is highlighting a new book in the Youth Services Department this month. Nobody Hugs a Cactus written and illustrated by Carter Goodrich is a delightful book to read to your child. Goodrich tells the heartwarming story of Hank the cactus. Hank sits on a windowsill in the desert all alone. He thinks he enjoys being alone.  Hank is prickly inside and out when others interact with him. It isn't until he is stuck with a friend, Hank realizes how much he enjoys being around others.


Carter Goodrich is not only a well known illustrator, he is also a character designer. You have seen his work in Brave, Finding Nemo, The Croods, Shrek and Coco. Don't miss the opportunity to share this book with your child.

The following craft will need some assistance from a caring adult.  This craft is great for developing fine motor skills, as well as color recognition.


  • Construction paper (green and purple)
  • Tissue paper (red and green)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • crayons/markers/colored pencils


  1. Cut the green construction paper in a shape of a cactus.  You can use the picture as your guide or get creative.
  2. Glue the green construction paper cactus to the purple construction paper.
  3. Cut green tissue paper into several small squares.
  4. Crumple each small square and glue to the green construction paper cactus (as shown in the picture).
  5. Cut three squares from the red tissue paper.
  6. Crumple the red squares and glue to the tips of the green construction paper (as shown in the picture)
  7. Use the crayons/markers/colored pencils to draw sand toward the bottom of the catcus.

Enjoy your beautiful new cactus!

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