Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

J.R.R. TolkienTolkien Reading Day is held on the 25th of March each year. On this day, fantasy fans all over the world prepare to participate in the honorary day established in 2003 by the Tolkien Society to encourage fans to celebrate the works of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading favorite passages.

The date of the 25th of March was chosen as the date on which the Ring was destroyed, completing Frodo’s quest and vanquishing Sauron.

The theme of Tolkien Reading Day 2019 is Tolkien and the mysterious. You can, of course, read any works by Tolkien – fiction or non-fiction – that you personally enjoy.

Tolkien, the new film that follows the author's younger years, is set to hit theaters May 10.
The film focuses on an adolescent J.R.R. Tolkien as he develops friendships, builds and deepens his courtship to Edith Bratt, and explores his newfound love for writing. The film is set during the fast-approaching First World War, follows Tolkien into early adulthood, examining how deeply the young writer’s life was affected by wartime Britain, and how these experiences influenced his famous Middle-Earth novels.

The film stars actor Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies, The Favourite) in the titular role, with Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror, To The Bone) as love interest Edith Bratt. Set to release on May 10, the film comes a little later than Tolkien Reading Day—but that just means the celebration gets to last longer!

What will you read to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day?

Find all your favorite Tolkien titles in the Science Fiction & Fantasy section at WPPL!

For more info on Tolkien Reading Day, visit www.tolkiensociety.org.

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