Editing Home Movies

Tonight's Maker Monday is Editing Home Movies. Let's say you've used our VHS-to-DVD converter or our Super8/8mm film converter and now have your memories saved in a digital format, and now you want to edit them. Maybe there's blank space you want to get rid of, or you want to compile all the clips of your grandson into one video, but how?

If all you wanted to do was a straight transfer of your VHS to DVD as-is, you’re done! However, if you wanted to edit your footage on a computer, there are a few things you’ll want to download.

·         VLC, an all-around useful video playback app

·         Handbrake to rip DVDs into usable .mp4 video files (instructions in that link)

·         If you have a Mac, you’ll probably already have iMovie to edit your footage with. If you have Windows, you might already have Windows Live Movie Maker, but Microsoft stopped offering it after 2017. Instead, you can download OpenShot Video editor for free here.

·         If you have a Mac, you can use iDVD to turn it into another DVD, but if you have Windows, you have a few options depending on which version of it you have. InfraRecorder is a simple, free choice.

·         Let's say you've created one DVD from your VHS tape, and want to make more copies of that DVD for family and friends. You would copy that DVD on your computer into a virtual disc image called an ISO file (on a Mac, the file extension is .cdr). Learn how here.

Tutorials on how to use iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are, as always, free for Westlake Porter Public Library users on Lynda.com! Tutorials for OpenShot are here.

If you used the Super8/8mm film converter, note that after the film is converted, it will play slightly too fast. If you download the free, cross-platform OpenShot Video Editor, you can easily change the frame rate back to normal. Just right-click on your imported video clip and click File Properties. Change the Frame Rate from 30 to 18 (for Super 8) or 16 (for 8mm), then click Update. You can also use the steps here to edit your video.

Once you've exported your movie, you can burn it onto a DVD using the free program DeVeDe or InfraRecorder!

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