Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino?  Unicorn themed items are everywhere.  Kids and adults are having unicorn parties and restaurants have unicorn themed food.  The colors associated with unicorns are very appealing.  Children continue to come  to the library looking for unicorn movies and books.  A touching book to share with your child is Not Quite Narwhal written and illustrated by Jessie Sima.  


Kelp was born under the sea and always assumed he was a narwhal.  One day the current swept Kelp close to land and he saw other creatures that looked very much like him.  Kelp realized he may not be a narwhal after all.  Read about Kelp's adventure and how he handles his big discovery.


  • One white paper plate
  • Glue/Stapler
  • Scissors
  • White, yellow, black and purple construction paper
  • Purple marker
  • Purple, Pink, and Aqua yarn
  • Single hole punch


  1. Cut a large oval from the purple construction paper and glue to the lower half of the paper plates (as shown in picture)
  2. Cut two small circles from the white construction paper and glue above the purple oval.  
  3. Cut two circles smaller than the white circles from the black construction paper and glue on top of the white circles.
  4. Cut two ovals with pointed tips (for the ears) and glue/staple to the back side of the paper plate, above the eyes.
  5. Punch holes along the top of the paper plate between the ears
  6. Cut one oval with a pointed end from the yellow construction paper.
  7. Cut several 12" lengths from the yarn.  
  8. Group 3 to 4 pieces of yarn and attach to the paper plate through the holes
  9. Glue or staple the yellow oval in the middle of the ears (this is the horn)
  10. Draw two small ovals on the purple oval for the nose

Congratulations you have finished your unicorn!

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