Music and the macabre.

We Sold Our Souls, by Grady Hendrix

Two recent titles have done a good job of combining music, horror, and a bit of comic relief.

Grady Hendrix, the author of Horrorstör and My Best Friend's Exorcism once again brings his quirky sense of humor to “We Sold Our Souls,” an over-the-top tale of a heavy-metal band and their album that accidentally (?) tells the true story of demons hell-bent on the destruction of mankind.
When the lead singer of the band Dürt Würk left the band he made the other members sign contracts that give him complete control…in more ways than one. He goes on to incredible success while his bandmates suffer. When the ex-guitarist hears about a huge festival he’s promoting, she decides to once-and-for-all have it out with him and find out why no one can remember what really happened on the night of the contract signing.
Hendrix scatters plenty of barbed popular and consumer culture references throughout this harrowing tale of redemption in the face of powerful evil.

In the novella, “Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You” by Scotto Moore, a music blogger discovers remarkable new music by an unknown band called Beautiful Remorse. The music is more than hypnotic, literally entrancing the listener for hours and often causing convulsions and blackouts. Each new song has a more powerful and destructive effect on those who hear it. Remorse's lead singer Airee Macpherson is aiming this album at the world like a loaded gun, for a bizarre and sinister purpose of her own, which the blogger has to figure out before murder and destruction reign.
Moore puts together a fast-paced tale of an indie music scene and occult sci-fi weirdness that doesn't lose momentum during its frenzied conclusion.

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