Gnomes are popular little fairytale creatures.  We see them everywhere from movies and books to the garden.  Go Big or Go Gnome written by Kirsten Mayer and Illustrated by Laura K. Horton tells the story of Albert (everyone calls him Al) the gnome.

Al is the only gnome in his village without a beard and the B.I.G. (Beards International Gnome-athlon) is coming up.  Al figures he will never win a prize for a beard, but he figures out how to contribute even more to the competition.  You can share this adorable book with your child and make the following craft.


  • White Construction paper
  • Any other color construction paper you choose
  • TP Tube
  • White yarn
  • Pom Pom (any color)
  • Glue/Tape/Stapler
  • Scissors


  1. Cover the TP tubes with any color you choose, secure with tape, staple or glue
  2. Wrap the white paper in a tube cone shape and secure with a staple or glue.  See picture
  3. Loop the yarn several times around four fingers to make beard
  4. Carefully slide the loops off and tie with another small piece of yarn.
  5. When the yarn is tied use scissors to cut the yarn, so it falls down and looks like the beard.  The knot where the yarn was tied should be opposite the area that was cut.
  6. Glue the beard to the TP tube and glue the pom pom just above the beard
  7. Put the hat on the gnome (tp tube) and you are finished

You can make several gnomes and have your own village.

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