The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

Five years ago, Tucker released her first novel, Ten Tiny Breaths, which would be the first of several best-selling contemporary romances. Her latest release takes place in the Alaskan wild, and our cold January days really set the mood for this one. Calla grew up in the bustling city of Toronto with her mother, far from where her estranged father, a bush pilot, still lives. Unable to stand the isolation, Calla’s mother had left him when Calla was just a baby.

Recently unemployed, and receiving news that her father was seriously ill, Calla decides to brave a visit in an attempt to get to know him. She arrives to the disdain of her father’s gruff right hand man, Jonah, whom she dubs the Yeti. Jonah refuses to humor her unrealistic city girl expectations and challenges her assumptions at every turn.  As she struggles to understand both men, she discovers beauty in the land and the people who call it home. As she and Jonah become closer and things turn for the worse with her father, she realizes she’ll need to choose between returning to the life she knows or taking a chance on the life her mother left behind.

If you love contemporary romances, be sure to pick up one of our new Modern Love bookmarks for more reading suggestions.


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