Little Penguin

PenguinLittle Penguin Stays Awake is a charming book written and illustrated by Tadgh Bentley.  The illustrations are captivating and vibrant.  The story line is perfrect for a bedtime story and will keep your child's attention.

Little Penguin so badly wants to stay awake to wish on a shooting star.  Penguins have such early bed times and Little Penguin can't keep his eyes open.  This is a big problem for Little Penguin.  Little Penguin asks the reader for help along the with other characters in the book.

Have your child make the following penguin craft.  He can have a little penguin of his own.  The craft requires adult supervison and your child may assistance.


  • Egg carton (not styrofoam)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • 2 Googly Eyes
  • White and orange construction paper


  1. Cut one section from the egg carton, keeping as much of the of the section intact as possible (adult help may be needed)
  2. Paint the outside of the carton section black (grab a snack or read LIttle Penguin Stays Awake, while it dries)
  3. Cut a small triangle from the orange paper, this will be the nose
  4. Cut a small semi circle from the white paper, this will be the stomach
  5. Glue the stomach to the outside of the carton section, flat side toward the bottom of the carton (see pic for details)
  6. Glue the orange triangle with the point down just above the stomach
  7. Glue the googly eyes just above the orange triangle


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