Author Visit: Jump-Start Your Creativity

Cover of Rut-Busting Book for Writers by Nancy ChristieAre you in a writing rut? Has your muse moved and left no forwarding address? Are you having trouble deciding what to write when you sit down to write? Not to fear! Join rut-busting author and speaker Nancy Christie on Saturday, October 27 from 2:00-3:00 PM and she will provide practical tips to get you out of your writing rut, drawn from her award-winning book, Rut-Busting Book for Writers.

Please register online, call 440-250-5460 or stop by any public service desk to sign up.

From stocking in your writing "toolbox" and establishing a writing routine to creating a writing space and establishing your goals, Nancy will give you a myriad of suggestions to break through your roadblocks so you can get back on your creative path.