Fall is Around the Corner!

It won't be long before the leaves are falling.  We will be dressing warmer, enjoying hot beverages and the kids will be playing in the leaves.  It is the perfect time to cuddle up and share a book with your child.  Bear Has A Story To Tell written by Phillip C. Stead and illustrated by Erin E. Stead is a touching story about a bear getting ready to hibernate.

Fall Tree

Bear Has A Story To Tell has bear searching all over for a friend to hear his story.  Bear is very patient and kind as he searches.  He doesn't get frustrated or upset, but continues to look for a friend.  He helps his friends prepare for winter even though they don't have time for his story.  Eventually Bear falls asleep and wakes up in the spring only to forget the story he was going to tell.  In the end, Bear remembers his story and has all has friends with him.  Bear Has A Story To Tell reinforces patience, understanding and kindness.  This will be a book your child will want to read again and again.



  • 81/2 X 11 piece of white construction paper
  • Yellow, Orange and Red construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • One brown lunch sack


  1. With the paper bag closed cut 2' strips from the open end to about 3/4 of the way down the bag.  Be carefull not to cut the entire bag.
  2. Twist the bottom of the bag, so the strip go all over the place and look like branches of a tree (adult help will likely be need for this step)
  3. Flatten the trunk of the tree and glue to the white construction paper (use the picture as your guide)
  4. Glue a few branches down and leave others to move around
  5. Cut leaf shapes out of the red, yellow and orange paper-be creative
  6. Glue the leaves around the base of the tree and on the branches.