What happens when my OverDrive Instant Digital Card expires?

Below are some questions and answers about OverDrive’s instant cards, which allow access with a mobile phone number.

Screenshot of OverDrive sign up

What is an OverDrive Instant Digital Card?

Before logging in to use Westlake Library’s OverDrive collection, visitors might see a popup that asks whether they need a card. It offers signup via a mobile number.

This service provides temporary access to use the WPPL’s OverDrive collection for up to 365 days, after which the patron needs to visit the library and register for a regular WPPL card.

Will I lose my checkouts and my place in the holds queues when my mobile card expires? 

No. Please come in and register for a regular Westlake Porter Public Library card, and we can move your checkouts and holds to the new library card.

What if I already had a Westlake card before I signed up for the temporary mobile card?

We can merge your temporary OverDrive mobile account with your current WPPL library card number.

Can’t you just renew OverDrive access using my mobile phone number?

No. This OverDrive feature is intended to be a convenient temporary signup, so area residents can use WPPL eBooks and digital media until they have time to apply for a regular library card. If you are looking for an easier way to log in to OverDrive than entering your WPPL card number, look for the Sign in with OverDrive option on our OverDrive login page. You can use an email address as your login, and OverDrive will store your library card information.

Can I register for a library card online?

Yes, but you still need to come in to the library with identification to complete the registration. Our online registration form currently works better from a desktop computer than a mobile device. We plan to create a mobile-friendly version of it in the coming months. More info about registration is on our website, or from the westlakelibrary.org home page, click the “New to WPPL?” library card image in the right-hand column.

What happens if I used the same mobile number to get OverDrive instant access to another library’s collection?

The accounts are separate, even using the same phone number for login. If you merge your phone number with your Westlake Porter library card, your OverDrive account(s) for other libraries will not be affected.

How can I contact the library?

Call 440-871-2600, or send us an mail.

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