It's Shark Week!

It is Shark Week! Shark Week has been celebrated since 1988 and there are many fans of Shark Week.  Don't forget to celebrate Shark Week by reading some books about sharks.  Clark the Shark written by Bruce Hale and illustrated by Guy Francis is the first of many juvenile fiction picture books by Bruce Hale about Clark the Shark.



Clark attends the top school for fish all of the ocean.  The one problem is Clark is bigger than the other fish and over enthusiastic about everything he does.  Clark eventually learns to control his enthusiasm and everything falls into place.


One piece blue construction paper (8 1/2 X 11)

  1. Paint (gray, white, blue)
  2. Markers (black, red)
  3. Paintbrush


  1. Place your thumb in the gray paint.  Completely cover thumb and place thumb print onto the middle of the blue paper.  Make as many thumb prints as you would like sharks.  
  2. Use the paintbrush to make pointed tips on the top of the thumb prints, let dry
  3. Use paint brush and blue paint to paint blue waves on the bottom of the construction paper.
  4. Use paint brush and white paint to paint a white oval in the middle of the finger print.
  5. Use the black marker to make the sharks eyes 
  6. Use the red marker to make the sharks teeth after the paint has dried (use picture as your guide)

Other titles by Bruce Hale

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