Read It Make It

Summer is here!  We have celebrated the 4th of July and are ready to enjoy the best summer has to offer.  We need to remind ourselves and our children to stop and smell the beautiful flowers in the summer.  Summer is a time to spend time outside and with friends and family.  This summer be sure to read Summer Color written by Diana Murray and illustrated by Zoe Persico.


Summer Color is a rhyming story with beautiful illustrations and color identification on each page.  After reading Summer Color your child can make a colorful flower craft.  This craft requires a large amount of cutting and is ideal for developing fine motor skills. The craft also requires items you likely have sitting around the house.


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Constructin paper (blue, green, yellow, red and purple)


  1. Cut 20 small red circles, 20 small purple circles and 20 small purple circles from the construction paper
  2. Cut 6 leaf shapes from the green construction paper
  3. Fold all of the circles in half
  4. Glue one half of the first red circle to the blue paper (the other half should be sticking up, giving the circle a 3d effect)
  5. Continue to glue one half of the circles down on top of one another as you move in a circle (use the picture as your guide).  Whne you are finished you should have a flower.
  6. Continue with the additional circles, until you have three flowers
  7. Glue the leaves randomly around the flowers.

Congratulations!  You have your own flowers.