Don't Forget To Wish Dad Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is June 17th. Make sure to let dad know how you appreciate him. Spend quality time with dad while you read My Dad written by Steve Smallman and Illustrated by Sean Julian. After reading My Dad you can make the following craft.

My Dad is a warm and engaging book for preschoolers. The book highlights all the positive attributes of being a day and the fun dads have with their children. My Dad is the perfect book to read for Father's Day.

The following craft may require some assistance from a caring adult.  It is a unique way to paint a picture and when your child is finished he will have a bear of his own.


  • Paint (color of your choice)
  • Construction paper (pink and black)
  • Googly Eyes (you can wait for paint to dry and draw eye also)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Fork
  • One 81/2 X 11 piece of construction paper
  • One paper plate
  • One small paint brush


  1. Squeeze paint onto paper plate
  2. Dip tines of fork into the paint and place the tines (with paint) onto the large piece of construction paper.  Continue to dip tines of fork in paint and place on paper.  This will make a feathery effect.  Continue to paint in a circle (using picture as your guide)
  3. Paint two half circles (for ears) with paint brush on the top of painted circle
  4. Let paint dry
  5. Cut two half circles fromt the pink construction paper (slightly smaller than the brown painted half circles) and glue the pink half circles onto the brown half circles.
  6. Glue the google eye in place, just below the ears.
  7. Cut a small heart from the black construction paper and place just below the eyes in the middle of the brown circle (this will be the bear's nose)
  8. Use the black marker to draw the bear's mouth below the nose
  9. Congratulations you have finished your bear.