Where is the Sun?

Children are facinated by the sky and the sun.  How The Sun Got To Coco's House written and illustrated by Bob Graham tracks the movement of the sun over a single day.  The book takes you on a journey over the ocean, onto the beach and into the city.  The final stop for the sun is Coco's window.


The watercolor illustrations will help your child follow and become engaged in the travels of the sun.  The story will make you and your child eager to find out about this everyday occurrence.  After enjoying How The Sun Got To Coco's House your child can make a simple suncatcher.  This craft may require some adult assistance, but will allow child to use his imagination.



  • Old Compact Disc
  • Glue
  • Sparkly craft gems or similar item
  • String


  1. Glue gems to one side of CD in any pattern you choose, let dry
  2. Glue gems to other side of CD in any pattern you choose, let dry
  3. Loop string through the middle of CD and knot on the end
  4. Hang your suncatcher in the window and wait for a visit from the sun!

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