Let's Go for a Night Walk

Cat and DogNight Walk written by Jill Newsome and illustrated by Claudio Munoz is a heartwarming story of friendship between a cat and a dog.  Daisy the dog likes to explore.  Flute the cat like to stay in the comfort of their home.  One evening Flute is curious and decides to go to the park with Daisy.  They experience an adventure that strengthens their friendship and almost gets them into trouble.



This craft can be made with common household items and does not take much assistance from an adult.  When your child is finished he will have his own Daisy and Flute.


  • Two brown lunch sacks
  • Brown construction paper
  • 4 googly eyes
  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Black  and brown markers
  • Scissors


  1. Cut about 4" of of the top of the paper bags (the open end)
  2. Draw the dog and cat faces on the bags.  You can use the picture as your guide or be creative and draw your own designs
  3. Attach the google eyes with glue
  4. Cut two medium size ovals from the construction paper (these will be the dog's ears)
  5. Attach the ears to the side of the dog's face
  6. Open the bags and gently stuff with newspaper.  This will help the dog and cat stand.
  7. Glue the open ends of the paper bags together and you are finished.


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