Lucky Tucker

Four Leaf CloverHappy St. Patrick's Day!

Cleveland has a rich history surrounding St. Patrick's Day. The first St. Patrick's Day parade in Cleveland was in 1842. The theme of the parade this year is Prominent Irish Pioneers of the 20th Century. The 2018 parade is scheduled on Saturday, March 17 at 1:04pm. Being on a Saturday, it is sure to be a well attended parade. Before heading downtown you can read Lucky Tucker written and illustrated by Leslie McGuirk.


Lucky Tucker follows a cute dog as he makes his way through the day on St. Patrick's Day.  Tucker wakes up and feels he is having bad luck.  As the day goes on, Tucker's luck changes.  By the end of the day Tucker realizes he has good luck and a good day.  



  1. One piece of light green construction paper
  2. Two pieces of dark green construction paper
  3. One craft jewel
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors


  • Cut 8 dark green hearts (all the same size)
  • Cut one long dark green rectangle (the stem)
  • Fold the hearts in half
  • Glue one half of the first heart to the light green paper (making sure to leave room to glue the remaining hearts)
  • Continue to glue the hearts to the light green paper, using the picture as your guide.
  • Glue the stem to the light green paper (below the hearts)
  • Glue the jewel to the center of the clover

Congratulations!  Your 3-D four leaf clover is finished.



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