The Drinking Gourd

The Big DipperFebruary is Black History Month.  It is a time to celebrate the contribution African Americans have made to United States history.  Follow The Drinking Gourd written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter is an informative and interesting book about the underground railroad.  


The drinking gourd refers to the constellation the Big Dipper.  Slaves would follow the stars of the big dipper to freedom.  You can also access the song The Drinking Gourd on Youtube.  Please take a moment to share this book with your child.


  • Star stickers (7)
  • One piece of black construction paper
  • White Crayon


  1. Place stars in onto black construction paper in the shape of the big dipper (use picture as your guide)
  2. Draw lines to connect the stars with a white crayon.

Now you have your own drinking gourd!