Thanksgiving Treats

PumpkinThanksgiving is tomorrow and I am sure everyone is knee deep in preparations.  When you are working in the kitchen don't forget to get the kids involved.  They will learn valuable skills and helping will give them a great sense of accomplishment.  When you sit down to dinner they can say "I made that".  



Children can help with easy tasks in the kitchen.  Have them assist with peeling carrots, mixing and measuring.  Thanksgiving: Sweets and Treats by Ronne Randall can help children get a better understanding of what a recipe looks like and how to follow a recipe.  Thanksgiving: Sweet and Treats is easy to understand and has illustrations for each recipe.  The book  includes a short history of Thanksgiving and recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers.  When you are doing the more difficult tasks in the kitchen have the kids work on this fun pumpkin craft.


  • 2 pieces of yellow construction paper
  • scissors 
  • glue
  • several pieces of patterned fall themed scrapbook paper


  1. Cut a pumpkin shape out of the middle of one piece of yellow construction paper (use picture as your guide)
  2. Cut several 1' strips from the scrapbook paper (just a little shorter than the width of the yellow construction paper)
  3. Glue the scrapbook pieces to the full piece of yellow construction paper, making sure to cover areas that will be exposed when pumpkin cut out is glued into place.  The scrapbook pieces can overlap or be next to one another.
  4. Glue piece of yellow construction paper with pumpkin cutout onto scrapbook pieces/yellow construction paper.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!



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