Happy Thanksgiving!

The MayflowerIt is hard to believe we just celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving is two weeks away. There is so much to teach children about the history of Thanksgiving. The Mayflower written by Mark Greenwood and illustrated by Frane Lessac is a great introduction to American history for young children.

The Mayflower tells the story of the Pilgrims difficult journey from England to the New World.  The story is simplified for young chldren and easier to understand.  The illustrations are well done and keep children interested in the story.  The book also includes a timeline to review with your child.

The Mayflower Craft will allow your child to practice many fine motor skills.  You will need to offer some assistance with the stapler and hole punch. As with most Read It Make It crafts most of the craft items can be found around the house.


  • two white paper plates
  • 1 toilet paper rolls
  • stapler (to be used by caring adult)
  • crayons and markers
  • 2 straws
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • single hole punch
  • scotch tape


  1. Cut approximately 1/3 of the top of both paper plates (make sure they are even with each other)
  2. Cut a small portion of the opposite side of the paper plates (this will stablize The Mayflower)
  3. Staple the plates together around the edges so they are even with one another (use the picture as your guide)
  4. Color the outside of the paper plates brown and use a black crayon to add portholes on either side
  5. Punch two holes about 2 inches apart in the toliet paper roll 
  6. Place toilet paper roll inside the stapled paper plates with the holes facing upward
  7. Cut one medium side rectangle and two small rectangles from the white paper
  8. Punch two holes in each rectangle so you can slide the papers over the straw
  9. Cut two small triangles from the white paper and tape to the one end of the straws
  10. Insert a straw in each of the holes of the toilet paper roll with the flag at the top

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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