Happy Halloween

mummyHalloween is Tuesday.  Hopefully everyone has their costumes planned and will be attending some fun parties this weekend.  In between the festivities or for some much needed down time, share a story and craft with your child.



Where's My Mummy written by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by John Manders is a great read for Halloween. The book has colorful artwork and an entertaining story your child will love. It is a Halloween book with a cute surprise ending.

The toilet paper mummy craft is made with items you are likely to find around the house. Your child may require some assistance with this craft.


  • toilet paper tube
  • toilet paper
  • glue 
  • black construction paper
  • 2 googly eyes
  • scissors


  1. Cut a rectangle from black construction paper and glue around one end of the toilet paper tube
  2. When black rectangle is secure on toilet paper tube glue googly eyes to black construction paper (Use picture as guide)
  3. Cut several strip of toilet paper
  4. Secure one one end of a strip of toliet paper to the toilet paper tube with glue.
  5. Wrap and glue several pieces of toilet paper around the tube until tube is covered, taking care not to cover the eyes.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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