Apple Pie

AppleIt is apple picking season and the local orchards are welcoming visitors of all ages.  Whether you are picking apples for an apple pie or to have as a snack a trip to an orchard is great family time.

An Apple Pie For Dinner retold by Susan Van Hecke and Illustrated by Carol Baicker-McKee is the perfect story to read before your trip to the orchard.  The story is based on an English Folktale called The Apple Dumpling.  

The illustrations in An Apple Pie For Dinner are a real treasure.  The illustrator uses a technique called Bas-relief.  Bas-relief makes interesting pictures to keep your child entertained.  The Bas-relief technique is also explained in the book.  The book ends with an apple pie recipe to make and share with your child.


  • white paper plate
  • red yarn
  • scotch tape
  • one hole punch
  • scissors
  • construction paper (green and brown)
  • glue


  1. Punch holes around the outside of the paper plate (the more holes you punch the more difficult the craft will be.  It would be best to punch fewer holes for younger children)
  2. Cut a medium length piece of red yard and wrap a small piece of scotch tape around one end.  Use the scotch tape end to thread the yarn back and forth through the holes.  Evenually you will have red yarn covering the apple (paper plate).
  3. Tie the red yarn in the back of the paper plate when you start to run short and begin with another piece.
  4. Cut a small rectangle from the brown construction paper and glue to the top of the apple for the stem.
  5. Cut a small oval from the green construction paper and glue to the top of the apple near the stem.  Make sure it is sticking out so you can see it.  (Use the picture as your guide)

Enjoy your apple and trip to the orchard!

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