The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

The Kind Worth Killing by Peter SwansonLook no further for your next suspense title.  Swanson delivers a tangled web of murderous schemes at the center of which is Lily Kintner.  Beautiful and aloof Lily is the daughter of an eccentric writer and his artistic wife, the product of a rather bohemian upbringing.  Lily meets Ted on a flight and strikes up a conversation that leads to Ted admitting his wife is cheating on him and he’d like to kill her.  So begins a fledgling relationship whose foundation is devising the perfect crime together, until the plot takes a turn.  Lily’s unusual way of solving problems has caught up with her, dredging up an old acquaintance and another perfect crime.

Divided into three parts, the story is told by Ted, Lily, Ted’s wife Miranda and near the end Detective Henry Kimball chimes in.   An occasional expletive here and there and some violence but nothing graphic.  An excellent story that offers up a twist midway and leaves you satisfied that the perpetrator will get their comeuppance. Swanson’s 2015 title The Girl with a Clock for a Heart has already been optioned for film.  Her Every Fear released in January of this year.  A readalike for The Couple Next Door and Defending Jacob.

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