As the days grow shorter and colder, and the nights grow longer, it is becoming apparent that fall is almost here. And these cooler, darker days are the perfect time to talk about spooky, creepy, and even scary horror films and novels.  And the one title that I've been hearing constantly, that is being requested here at the library all the time (and which I've had to add to my own to-read and to-watch lists) is the classic tale of terror surrounding a group of pre-teens and a demonic beast in the form of a clown--that's right!  Stephen King's It.

This sudden surge in popularity comes as no surprise.  After all, there is a new version of It hitting theaters right now.  Of course, I'm sure that there are people out there who are a bit concerned that Tim Curry is replaced with Bill Skarsgård, especially considering his excellent performance in the 1990 mini-series (I remember his face on the VHS box at Blockbuster--I was always afraid to walk past that shelf!), but nevertheless, many of us are very excited about this new film.

For the uninitiated, what's the big deal with It?  Well, this classic tale started as a book back in 1986.  Clocking in at just over 1,000 pages, it is certainly a weighty time commitment.  But, it's hit home with readers.  If our friends over at Goodreads can be believed (and they certainly can!) then this book was pretty excellent, with a 94% enjoyment rate for those who were able to commit to the book's obscene length.  (Oh, and in case you were wondering, that's 94% of 486,128 reviews!)

THE STORY: A group of children encounter a horrifying creature known as "It", which can take the form of the things that most frighten us as a way of stalking Its prey.  However, Its preferred form is that of Pennywise the Clown, whose goofy (although still creepy) appearance makes It more appealing to Its preferred prey...children.  The group manages to defeat this horrible evil, but as with any good monster, It doesn't stay dead.  Thirty years later, just when everyone is starting to feel complacent again, It returns.  And It's angry.  And It wants revenge.

Have I whetted your appetite yet?  If so, then why not check it out?  We have It as books, movies, and ebooks!  What's not to love?  (Maybe a clown-monster that can travel through dimensions and feeds on your fear...but let's not worry about that right now!)

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